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Killer Cocktail: A Molly Forrester Novel (2005)

"Solving a murder is like falling in love, you get caught up in it, then boom it's over and you vow never to do it again, till next time." Molly Forrester, an advice columnist for Zeitgeist Magazine, needs time out. After solving the murder of her editor, she fell in love with a cop and thought her career as a serious journalist would take off but to her dismay none of that happened. Her friends, sensing her depressed state, invite her to the Hamptons for a flash engagement party with lots of wine, partying and guys. All is going well until the girls get a knock on the door from the groom-to-be, saying his fiancee has been found dead. Can Molly help save the day by clearing him and finding the true murderer? Look out for wine-fuelled arguments, bridal wars, expensive jewellery and a case of 'I'm the better daughter-in-law' syndrome. This second book in the Molly Forrester Mysteries series is a fun-filled and light-hearted mystery that will keep you guessing right up to the last chapter. (PP)

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