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Delivered with Love (2011)

When Claire's mother Emily dies after a battle with cancer, 20-year-old Claire doesn't know what to do with herself. Sitting in her inherited VW Bug, she finds an old love letter written 35 years earlier when her mother was 17. After losing her waitressing job, Claire decides to go on a road trip to find the letter writer but what she doesn't expect is that God will be looking out for her and that a truckload of miracles will occur - from crashing her VW then ending up staying the night at the tow-truck owner's house to finding a small rental which is the same address as the one on the letter to her mother. Soon Claire will discover that the world is actually smaller than you think as people from her past start appearing. Will Claire finally get what she has been seeking for the past 20 years - her father? Delivered with Love is a satisfying journey of self-discovery. (PP)

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