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A Black Tie Affair (2010)

The Smith girls - Venus, Diane and Athena - were the best of friends with the Clayworth boys - Drew and Connor. Their fathers worked together and Athena thought she and Drew were each other's true love. Fast-forward to the present day. Athena has landed her dream job as a fashion curator and is busily organising a vintage couture exhibition in Chicago. The only pieces missing are those held in a family vault at the Clayworths' house. When Athena is called to come and authenticate the dresses, she jumps at the chance. But the dresses are full of toxins - talk about killer threads - and Athena is overcome by fumes. She wakes in hospital and is reunited with Drew, who she hasn't seen for 15 years. Meanwhile someone has taken advantage of the confusion to steal the priceless gowns. (PP)

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