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Dispatches from Paradise (2014)

This tells the woven tale of three women who are in different places in their lives but must come together to figure everything out. Liz has given up on her cheating husband of 20 years and her boring job. On her birthday, she throws everything she knows out the window and trades it in for a kayak. Her seemingly neglectful, overly sexualized mother Claudette is going through the motions of grief as her longtime partner has died in a moment of passion. Liz's daughter, Darcy, has decided to move home in the midst of college and become a model after a night of regrets in a club with people she thought were her friends. As Liz embarks on her newfound freedom, she must embrace her mother and her daughter moving in with her. The novel tells the story from the three points of view as secrets, betrayals, and relationships are brought to light. Can these three women in completely different places in their lives come together to sort it all out? Can they forgive and understand one another as they do? Dispatches from Paradise is an interesting spin on telling the same story from three different points of view. It is often surprising, fun and interesting. (JP)

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