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The Kiss Test (2010)

Margo Gentry is a country music DJ whose life is perfect, or so she thinks. She has the great job, a boyfriend, an Elvis obsession and a fantastic best friend. That is, until it all falls apart and she loses her job at the station due to a restructure, her boyfriend wants to get married (something she vowed she would never do), she becomes homeless and her mother is getting married again (for the 11th time no less). It is her best friend Chris who turns out to be the only one she can rely on, that is, except when he is administering The Kiss Test to every woman in close proximity. This story is simple and predictable and the characters lack any real depth. Margo's version of her so-called perfect life is irritating; the reader tires of her emphasis on sex and her endless details about her Elvis collection. (LF)

Venus Guy Trap (2010)

Haydee Miller has had a plan devised since she was 16 after her mother passed away and left her dad depressed - she was going to go to college, work hard, pass her MBA, get a great job and be married by the time she was 33. Her plan worked well in the education and work areas but not when it comes to pleasure. Haydee is turning 33 in six weeks, five days and eight-and-a-half hours and she hasn't had a proper date in 10 years when she thought she had met the love of her life but he up and left without even a good-bye. As always though, Haydee has a contingency plan in case of an emergency - if she doesn't meet her true love in time, she will settle for Patrick "Dr Vanilla" the Veterinarian. Venus has been sent to Earth by her dad, the mighty Zeus, to match-make couples as a punishment. And the Goddess of Love's latest project is Haydee who is in dire need of some love guidance. Going to work in Haydee's bookstore, Venus plans to reunite her with her one true love, Derek, an international photographer who has moved back to their hometown to set down roots. Can Venus get cracking on her fairy-godmother skills and match-make Derek and Haydee in six weeks or will she fail and see Haydee settle for second-best with Patrick? When it comes to true love, sometimes the parties just need that little extra push. (PP)

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