Second Rate Chances - Holly Stephens (2013)

The prologue starts with Lil and Sam buying their first house and ends with "Nothing will tear us apart". The first chapter jumps to three years later and Sam is engaged to someone named Chloe and it gets the reader thinking "wait a minute, have I missed something" and yes I did turn back and re-read the prologue just to be sure. Then at the end of the chapter, Sam is injured in an accident and loses his memory. The last thing he remembers is buying the house with Lil. He believes they are still together but Lil dealt with their break-up so badly she had to go into therapy. When doctors persuade her that she is Sam's only hope, will she help him to discover the last three years? What will happen when Sam discovers that when he turned his back on Lil, he also turned his back on his friends and family too. Will Sam like the "New Sam " he has become or has this accident given Sam and Lil a second chance at happiness? Second Rate Chances is an amazing story about true love never dying. (PP)

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