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Expected (2013)

Samantha Sweet is in trouble. Her live-in relationship with surgical registrar Simon is wilting; in fact she really dislikes him. The trouble is that everyone, her mother included, expects her to marry the dream partner and produce a clutch of children. When she has complaints made against her in her work as a beautician and her excessive spending pushes her over the limit, the last thing she needs is someone telling lies about her, spoiling her relationship with her best friend Minnie. Sam is unhappy but feels unable to break free of her boorish, unfaithful and bullying partner and the stability he is able to offer her. Joel, a new, handsome man in her life, seems to be a welcome distraction, except that he is the big boss, himself bogged down with family problems. Is there any hope for poor Sam? Sarah England has written a humorous, light-hearted novel with an amusing heroine who is endearing but deeply insecure and self-critical. The author pulls you into the story with amusing anecdotes and observations. You have to turn the pages to find out if Sam's dreams come true, she finds true love and is not manipulated into her worst nightmare - motherhood. (JH)

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