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Kissing Mr Wrong (2010)

English illustrator Lu is looking for Mr Right but she doesn't want to have children. When she meets tall, dark and handsome engineer Marcus at an art event, he ticks all the boxes but unfortunately is about to move to Minneapolis. Then she meets Nick, who works for an armed forces charity, who is so Mr Wrong - he's got an ex-wife and two sons and lives a far more chaotic lifestyle than the ultra-organised Lu. As Nick helps her trace a World War I soldier for her grandmother, Lu finds herself falling for him - if only she didn't have to play the stepmother role. The war research story offers a different and interesting thread to the familiar tale of a woman's search for Mr Right.

A Single to Rome (2009)

When Natalie asks her boyfriend, Michael, whether it's time they move in together, he instead tells her he "needs space" and promptly gets himself a new girlfriend. To help her get back into the swing of single life, one of Natalie's friends takes her speed-dating where she meets, Guy, who is getting over a marriage break-up. He is the perfect guy to accompany her to her best friend's wedding, since Michael will be there with his new partner. Natalie admits to her new friend that night that she has just lost her lawyer job after it is revealed she lied about a previous conviction. So when Guy, a Roman historian, offers her a rent-free stay at his Rome apartment, the cash-strapped Natalie takes up his offer. And so Natalie begins to emerge from the ruins of her life amid the ruins of the historic city.

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