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Over the Holidays (2009)

Vanessa Clayton is an overwhelmed mother of nine-year-old twin boys. Vanessa and her husband, JT, have decided that because of their money situation, they are going to skip their annual tradition of visiting his brother and family in New England this Christmas. But JT's brother, his overbearing wife, Patience, and their rebellious daughter, Libby, decide to instead come to California to see them for Christmas. Vanessa stresses about finding the time to please her Martha Stewart-like sister-in-law, struggles with money, and deals with her flaky hippy sister, Thea, who is trying to find the real meaning of Christmas. In the midst of all her stress, Vanessa is confronted with the temptation to cheat on her reliable husband with her hot playwright colleague. This is a quick fun holiday read. (AO)

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