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Always the Designer, Never the Bride (2012)

In this third book in the series, Carly is getting married to Devon at the Tanglewood Inn where Emma will be baking the cake and Sherrilyn will be the wedding planner. All that is missing now is the wedding dress designer. Enter Carly's best childhood friend Audrey. Audrey is worried that this may be her very last wedding as her business funds have run dry. What Audrey needs to get back on top is to land the account of hotel heiress Kim. But it seems that Kim has other ideas and Audrey is up against Wes who is one of the world's top designers. As a familiar theme in the trilogy, all three girls do not plan to fall in love and become brides of their own but alas fate has another plan for them. In this case, Devon's brother J.R has fallen head over heels for Audrey. Does Audrey feel the same or will this be an unrequited love story? (PP)

Always the Wedding Planner, Never the Bride (2011)

In this second book in the series, Emma's best friend, Sherilyn, has moved back to Atlanta with fiance Andy and has taken up the role of wedding planner at the Tanglewood Inn. When things start to go horribly wrong in the planning of her own wedding, will Sherilyn have second thoughts about whether she's up to handling the job? Her wedding dresses seem cursed - every time she finds the perfect dress, it disappears. Sherilyn feels this is her punishment for a previous relationship which saw her stand up her groom at the altar. Will Sherilyn let a few wedding accidents and disappearing dresses spoil her special day with Andy? Is she destined to be "Always the Wedding Planner and Never the Bride"? This is a fun, light-hearted book that will appeal to fans of wedding rom-coms. (PP)

Always the Baker, Never the Bride (2010)

Emma Rae Travis has never been very lucky when it comes to love. With all her friends and family getting married and renewing vows, Emma has instead thrown herself into her work, doing what she does best - baking. And unfortunately Emma can't actually eat her sugar-laden creations as she is a diabetic. Emma has always dreamt of one day owning her own kitchen so when she is offered a job at a new hotel, she jumps at the chance to gain more experience. Little does she realise her life is about to get a tad complicated as her new boss Jackson Drake turns out to be Mr Rude GQ, a customer from the bakery. And the first wedding the hotel is catering - with Emma to bake the cake - is for her ex-boyfriend from high school, Danny. As love is surely in the air, stay tuned for some surprise twists and of course the big question - will Emma finally get her chance to be a bride? (PP)

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