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I'll Take What She Has (2013)

Nora and Annie are lifelong friends. Annie is the sleep-deprived mother of two young children, while Nora is desperate for a baby. They have both ended up at a Boston co-ed boarding school. Nora is the English teacher, while Annie's partner Ted also works there as a teacher. Annie has been promised she'll be moving into Meadow House on campus because they have the biggest family. But then Cynthia, the new history teacher with the Pamela Anderson rack and Grace Kelly face, comes to town, stealing not only the house but Nora's friendship too. This story focuses on the choices women make and reveals that the grass is not necessarily greener.

This Little Mommy Stayed Home (2009)

Joy McGuire hasn't cleaned the house, showered, or changed her sweatpants since her baby was born. And her husband, Drew, whom she always thought would be such a great hands-on dad, has been working a lot. Normally, she'd just ask her mother for help. Only, her mother seems more interested in planning her fourth wedding than seeing her new grandson. Joy's opinionated, overbearing mother-in-law is only too happy to step in. Joy is soon invited to her 10-year college reunion, and wonders what her ex-boyfriend (the one who got away) will think of her post-baby, I-now-eat-a- bag-of-M&Ms-every-day, body looks like. Despite her body image hang-ups, Joy still feels chemistry with her old flame, and wonders why they're not together. In an effort to get in shape (and to just get time out of the house), Joy takes up yoga. And finds that she is startlingly attractive to her hot, male yoga teacher as well. Things twist and turn from here, where she asks questions undoubtedly asked by every wife and mother out there: did I marry the right person? Have I lost who I am now that I have kids? And if I have, how do I get myself back? This is the funniest book I've read in a long time. Laugh-out-loud moments on almost every page. A must-read for new moms. (CK)

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