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Life's Too Short to Frost a Cupcake (2008)

Alice met boyfriend Stephen at a group for anxiety sufferers and since then they have settled into a very routine home life with a tightly controlled budget. When Alice's boss at Carmichael Music is replaced by some Americans, she is offered the chance to leave London to work out of their New York office. Only problem is her first job is convincing country musician Wyatt Brown, a reformed alcoholic, to record a new album - and that means she's headed not for the bright lights of the Big Apple but a rural town in Ohio instead. Well that is if she can force herself to face her fear of flying first. As Alice starts settling into life in Barnsley - caring for a sick cow, speaking as an English child expert to the local mothers group, dating local businessman Gerry, even entering a cupcake competition against Heidi, the glamorous rival for Wyatt's affection - she wonders whether she really wants to return home - and to Stephen. With lots of quirky characters, this is one sweet book that may prove quite addictive. And it wins extra ratings points for being that bit different.

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