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Four Friends (2014)

Gerri, Andy, Sonja and BJ are neighbours who have become best friends over the years. Gerri is dealing with the knowledge that her husband cheated on her, Andy has just split up with her second husband but has found an unlikely friend in her building contractor, Sonja's husband has had enough of her New Age lifestyle and moved out, and BJ, the newest member of the group, is fairly reserved when it comes to talking about her life before moving into the neighbourhood. As each women navigates the choppy waters of her own crisis, they find they are more alike than not, and band together to help each other get through. For me, this story had too much going on. The topics of infidelity, divorce, rebellious teenagers, sexual orientation, mental health, and domestic abuse are all explored to great lengths, which makes for a bit of a muddled plot. While some of these situations go hand in hand, like rebellious teens during a marital crisis, I feel the story would have flowed better if the author had kept to only a few of these topics without introducing a new situation every few chapters. The friendship of the woman was portrayed well and it was nice to read a book where all of the main characters were really there for each other regardless of what was going on in her own life. (LEK)

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