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Head Over Heels (2012)

This sequel to Tales From the Yoga Studio returns to the five women who have one thing in common - meeting at a yoga studio. Lee is a yoga teacher at Edendale, a studio she started with her husband Alan. But now they are getting divorced and Lee is having a tough time raising her twin boys as well as dealing with Kyra Monroe who tried to embarrass her on national television a few years back and now is enjoying the status of being Alan's girlfriend. Lee has to choose whether she wants to be a part of a hot-shot yoga festival or stay back with a man she has just started dating. Katherine is a masseur at Edendale and when she is asked to leave her rented flat, her boyfriend offers to move in together. Graciela is a back-up dancer in Beyonce's dance group. She has a boyfriend who is violent and tries to control her life but unexpectedly she crosses path with Jacob Lander who plays for the Yankees and now it's time to make a decision. Actress Imani is trying to make her Hollywood comeback after the birth of her son, while screenwriter Stephanie is going through a rough phase of a very different relationship. This book about friendship, love, relationships and yoga is a must-read for every woman. (SS)

Tales From the Yoga Studio (2010)

Yoga instructor Lee has a strained relationship with her husband Alan. Alan is also co-owner of their yoga studio - Edendale Yoga - located in the hipster town Silver Lake, which makes things even more complicated. Katherine, a masseuse at Edendale Yoga, has a colourful history but is now looking for a steady relationship to match her new lifestyle. While Imani, a famous actress, is having troubles letting go of her own heartbreaking past. Stephanie - a screenwriter and quite the firecracker - is looking to unwind, while talented dancer Graciela is looking to mend a questionable injury. Rain Mitchell has a talent of bringing the characters together while also giving the reader a glimpse of what's going on "behind the scenes" in their lives as well. The book starts quick and interesting but somewhere in the middle gets tedious. While I enjoyed the ending, it took too long to get there. (AV)

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