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One Little White Lie (2014)

Despite suffering crippling anxiety disorders, India's younger sister Cylia has decided to audition for STAR, the world's biggest televised talent show. And India's mother has ordered her to accompany Cylia to make sure nothing goes wrong. When Cylia bolts just before her moment in the spotlight, India steps in, pretending to be her sister. And somehow she makes it through to the field of international finalists selected for the live shows. With Cylia still missing, and her husband Phil having run off with another woman, leaving her and their young twins in debt, India desperately needs to stay on the show - the brainchild of American producer David Harnet - long enough to score some of the lucrative prize money. Meanwhile, despite being barred from the set, reporter Lucas Edison is investigating the show after the near-death of a contestant the year before and allegations the results are rigged. Often stories centred around reality television offer disappointingly scant behind-the-scenes details. This one, however, raises the bar as it creates a well-devised talent quest format, laying bare the rivalry between contestants and the machinations of an ambitious producer. The dysfunctional family relationship is also a highlight, making this story a lot darker than your usual chick lit fare.

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