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It's a Man's World (2011)

Alexa has done wonders to transform Hers, an over-50s magazine, from near-bankruptcy to a profitable enterprise. Now Senate Media would like her to do the same on another of their titles, Banter. The problem is that Banter is a lads mag, and Alexa is unsure if she morally approves of such a magazine. Despite her reservations and the disapproval of her friends and family, she takes the job, but she doesn't fully comprehend the adversity she will face as the female boss in a predominately male environment. And when her plans for a mobile and tablet application receive media attention, she finds herself the target of a human rights organisation who oppose the sexual objectification of women. What she has achieved at Banter has made the company millions but at what price? Is Alexa really cut out to work in such a man's world? This is a wonderfully written book that deals with some very serious issues. Alexa is faced with some very difficult choices and it really makes you think about where you stand on the issue of lads mags and the effect they have on society . A heavy read in some ways but I really enjoyed it. (LO)

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