Heart Song - Bec Botefuhr (2013)

In this sequel to Phoenix Rockstar, two years have passed since Violet and Travis went their separate ways once again, though of course it wasn't a very happy parting. Violet was shot by Jeremy who blamed her for Lillian's death and then killed himself. With Demon still wanting Violet and her mother dead, she needed to escape and so she up and left her father's and went to live with her mother and grandmother. Now two years later, her grandmother has died and Violet is headed back to her dad's place. When Violet left, Travis Phoenix went crazy and into a downward spiral. Now that she's back, he's not happy and is more than willing to show his frustrations. Can Violet prove to Travis that she still loves him and that she had to leave without him in order to move on with her life? Book #2 is more intense than the first as it involves more shooting and stronger emotions. Bec Botefuhr is one of my favourite indie authors. (PP)

Phoenix Rockstar - Bec Botefuhr (2013)

In Phoenix Rockstar, we enter the world of biker gangs and meet Violet - the daughter of gang leader Caden aka Chief - and Travis whose father was the previous leader. Travis has been away for four years, becoming a huge rock star and running his own record company. Back then, Violet was head over heels for Travis and he left without saying goodbye. But a lot has happened since, including Violet witnessing her friend's death. With Travis' return, can he re-ignite the essence in Violet and make her discover that she isn't all dark and evil. With Travis signing his own death warrant if he is caught dating the Chief's daughter, will the pair risk continuing their relationship? Phoenix Rockstar is a novel that I enjoyed reading. Even with all the sex and violence associated with a gang novel, it shows that no matter what happened to either Violet or Travis, the love between them burns strong. (PP)

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