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Snapped (2010)

Sara B, editor and style guru of the magazine Snap, has it all: great friends including Ted, her business partner; Gen, her ex-80s rock chick best friend, and Jack, her boyfriend. She also is the force behind Snap's much-loved column "The Do's and Don'ts" which features fashion divas and victims and shows Sara B's snarky take on what's hot and what's not. Then along comes young go-getter Eva B, who has idolised Sara B since she was a little girl and has asked if she can tag-a-long. But soon Eva becomes the rising trendspotting star and Sara B, who is nearing 40, feels that she is losing the cool factor. As Sara B deals with doubt and self-loathing - and too many alcoholic and nicotine binges, can she re-invent herself or will she become a thing of the past? This is a brash, darkly funny novel that will have you laughing with Sara B as she rips into her fashion observations and sympathising with her as her world slowly comes closing in on her. But like the main character, this story is sometimes confusing and all over the place. (PP)

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