One Tiny Lie - K.A. Tucker (2013)

One Tiny Lie, the second book in the Ten Tiny Breaths series - tells the tale of Kayla's younger sister, Livie, who ever since she could remember has been the responsible one. She is now off to Princeton with dreams of becoming a doctor. Kayla is worried that her sister is too uptight and tries too hard to be perfect, so she contacts their therapist Dr Stayner (who I have to say is such an awesome guy and reminds me a bit of a cross between Patrick Jane from The Mentalist and Dr Macy from Crossing Jordan). He gives Livie a list of tasks to get her out of her comfort zone which forces her to meet different people and soon she finds herself reluctantly attracted to one guy, Ashton, while dating another, more suitable guy called Connor. You will soon find out why Ashton is so damaged. The other part which touched my heart was Livie's work at the hospital - oh, the children - I just wanted to snatch up Derek, Eric and Lola together and hug them. Like Ten Tiny Breaths, the book has a lot of powerful emotions within and if you are like me you too will fall for my new fictional boyfriend, Ashton. (PP)

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