No Going Back - Erika Ashby (2013)

Seth James is one of those guys who knows that life isn't like a fairytale. He knows that it comes instead with trials and tribulations. Years ago, he was dumped by someone he thought he loved. Later he discovered that she had been paid off to have an abortion. Just as he is now getting his life back on track with a new girl Mallory, his ex Allison reveals that the daughter he never thought had been born is alive and been living in care. And the only way to get her back is if they marry. Seth agrees for the sake of his child, however once again he will discover how manipulative Allison really is and the lengths she will go to trap him. What I loved about No Going Back - the second book in the Timing is Everything series - was it was mainly written from Seth's POV and it was very well executed. (PP)

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