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A Shore Thing (2011)

If you're a fan of the hit reality TV show Jersey Shore, then you surely know of its breakout star, Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi. The pint-sized girl with the big attitude and even bigger hair has taken the world by storm, which is exactly what the characters in Snooki's first book do so well. Gia and her cousin, Bella, are planning on having the best summer ever on the Jersey Shore. They're going to meet hot guys, dance the night away at clubs and spend time with their friends. But, wherever these girls go, the drama follows and they can't escape the drama as it heats up the boardwalk. Gia becomes a local celebrity pretty quickly and meets a gorgeous guy to stand by her side. Bella, on the other hand, has also met a guy she likes but she can't get her boss Tony 'Trouble' Troublino out of her head. Work, fun and lots of sun make it one hell of a summer for these girls. However, during the course of the summer, the girls realise they don't know what they want - especially when it comes to love. If you're a fan of the show then you'll instantly recognise the lingo (words like slummers, frenemies and haters are prevalent throughout) but if you don't watch the show then you might be a little confused by the words that the Jersey Shore cast have made so popular. It may seem like the energy, drama and fun of the Jersey Shore can never be replicated but this book seems just like an episode of the show put into words. If it was being rated just on that aspect alone, it would be given a 10/10 but since it's not, it's kind of hard to enjoy unless you're a huge fan of Snooki and her wild and crazy personality. (AS)

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