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Tweethearts (2014)

Jemima Starler cannot stand her job at Placenta Monthly and secretly has a popular Twitter account called Maghag which keeps everyone trying to guess her identity. Not only is her editor the boss from hell who spends her time trying to sabotage Jemima, there also seems to be a traitor amongst her so-called friends! When everything falls apart at work and Jemima accepts an offer as a publicity person for a popular reality show, new problems arise when her handsome roomie Samson is also a contestant on the show. Loved this book - modern technology meets love. Both Jemima and Samson take turns confusing each other and me too... I would recommend this book if you're looking for a light read. The characters were funny although there were some I tried to like but couldn't. Plenty of laughs, new and old friendships, and lots of love! (KARM)

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