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Suddenly Royal (2013)

A Duchess and a prince from a small European country have arrived in America and are visiting the university where Sam is studying a Masters in wildlife biology. She expects that they are looking to donate money so when they request a meeting with her, she is all prepared to plug the bird program she's involved in. But it turns out that Sam is about to get the shock of her life - it appears on her mother's side she is in fact a Duchess. Because the queen of Lilaria is the last one in her family line, she is requesting that the original families return and their titles be re-instated. Sam definitely doesn't feel like a member of the royal family and is halfway through her Masters program, not to mention her stepfather is currently receiving treatment for cancer. Can Sam up and leave everything and show the world that this American has what it takes to take a seat on the Queen's council as a Duchess and rule her own village? And what if there is some romance on the horizon with crown prince Alex? Suddenly Royal is a fun read and will appeal to those who devoured the Princess Diaries books. (PP)

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