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About Time (2010)

Lara is packing up her life to move from Ireland to New York with boyfriend Leonard. Lara doesn't have a great history of picking worthy boyfriends and she is continually reminded of Conn, the guy who keeps popping into her life. In fact, this socially inept science geek is the real star of the story and he narrates a large chunk of the book. As the story goes back over the pair's time together - from school and college to working in Dubai - Shaw sets the scene well, dropping in details that make you wonder how the rest of the story is going to unfold. A real surprise package that is well worth your time.

Smart Casual (2009)

Dedicated career woman Olivia Anderson is running late for a business meeting after a run-in with an arrogant, queue-jumping American. Then she discovers the same man - Luke Wylie - has taken her promotion as projects director of a computer company. But a hefty pay rise and Luke's considerable charms lessen the blow - a bit. But something is rotten in the state of Puttock Leavitt and it seems as if Liv could well be the fall girl. A promising debut with lots of witticisms about surviving - and thriving - amid office politics.

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