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Round the Corner (2004)

As book two of the Sister Circle series starts, we discover that Evelyn Peerbaugh's house is empty once again as her previous tenants - whom all formed a sisterly bond with each other - have moved on to greener pastures. Evelyn, not sure exactly how to run a boarding house, decides to leave it up to God once more, though it seems this time he may be testing her. The first tenant to arrive is Heddy, who seems to be hiding a dark secret. Will the bond of sisterhood get her to open up and become her true self once again? The second tenant is Gail Saunders, who also has a dark secret. Who is Gail really and what is she hiding from? The last tenant is the lovely Piper whose parents have moved into her apartment during her mother's surgery. She meets a hunky Jewish doctor but can she really date a non-Christian? Meanwhile Evelyn is being sued by a tenant she turned down who claims she was discriminated against because she is FAT. And former tenant Audra is trying to get her daughter's biological dad, Luke, to sign the papers so her new husband Russell can adopt Summer. Will the new tenants become the second generation of the Sister Circle? (PP)

The Sister Circle (2002)

Evelyn Peerbaugh's husband, Aaron, has recently passed away and she has discovered that he has left her with only $10,000 to survive on. At 56 years of age, Evelyn has never had a job and wouldn't know where to start. But fearful of losing the home which has been in her husband's family for generations, she is inspired to turn the three extra bedrooms into a boarding house. So Evelyn, unsure on how to attract customers, nails a sign on her porch and leaves it up to God's will. Within five hours of having her sign up, all three rooms are filled. There's Mae, a free-spirited divorcee and a barrel of laughs, academic Tessie who is very religious, and single mother Audra with her five-year-old daughter Summer. Over the course of the novel, the women discover the true meaning of sisterhood as they get up to mischief, have heated arguments, and share their stories of how they ended up where they are today. The Sister Circle, the first in the series, is a book that will have you feeling a variety of emotions as we experience the loss of family and the gaining of new ones even though they may not be blood-related. (PP)

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