My Misery Muse - Brei Betzold (2012)

Single mother Devlin Porter works at a tattoo parlour and is one of the best artists around. Three years ago, she was head over heels in love with Seth Taylor but then he went off to become a rock star. A few months later Devi discovered she was pregnant with his son, Jaks. Now bassist Seth and his band My Misery Muse have decided to take a detour and come home to Dallas. It is now that he will discover that he has a son. Through a series of ups and downs, arguments and make-up sex, Devi and Seth must come to a decision about whether they should become a family or have shared custody of Jaks. What will happen though when the paparazzi and tabloids get a scent of the scandal? Will it ruin Seth's chances of being the musician he was born to be? (PP)

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