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Finding Monsieur Right (2010)

Londoner Daisy has gotten a plum job writing about fashion for a year in Paris; Parisian Isabelle wants to go to London to do research on Meredith Quince for her university paper. So, it only makes sense for the two to swap homes for a year. At first, Daisy is a little overwhelmed by Paris and Isabelle's friends aren't too welcoming. They're all very put-together while fun-loving Daisy lives on the edge. To top it off, Isabelle's stuck-up boyfriend Clothaire is completely rude to her. But Daisy presses on and eventually makes friends with some of Isabelle's close circle. She soon becomes more than friends with Octave. Over in London, Isabelle starts out having trouble adjusting to Daisy's eccentric friends - Jules, a goth girl, and Chrissie, a gay fashionista. However, after a chance meeting at a bookshop, Isabelle joins the Quince society - where she hopes to find the information on Meredith she is looking for. She also meets a handsome gardener named Tom. Losing her practical self for a moment, Isabelle starts an affair with Tom, which really spices up this novel because it's good to see Isabelle escape from under the iron grip of Clothaire for once. He's controlling and rude while Tom is sweet and kind. From there, the two girls have more adventures and both are changed in ways they never expected. Though both storylines are good, they would have worked better in two separate books instead of all rolled into one. You don't get much depth from either character - Daisy just hops from one man to the next and Isabelle is slightly boring. (AS)

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