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Lost In Manhattan (2011)

After losing her job, having her car totalled by a drunk driver, and facing the end of her relationship, all in the same day, Eve decides there is no better time to move to New York City and focus on her acting career. Unfortunately the path to her new life is filled with a number of uncertain twists and turns, questionable places to stay, a couple of elderly male admirers, and the very Greek family of her ex-boyfriend. We follow Eve on a rollercoaster ride all over Manhattan as she finds a place to live, lands a decent job, and meets some fairly interesting characters along the way. Once I got over my initial anxiety of all of the miss-steps Eve has just getting from Los Angeles to New York City, I relaxed into the story and found it both charming and funny. Eve is completely fearless and treats her move as an adventure, which I found endearing. Although the end of the book felt a bit rushed, it did leave the door open for the possibility of more Eve in Manhattan. (LEK)

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