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How I Exiled My Inner Bitch (2013)

To help her cope with her unhappy childhood, Dionne invented an imaginary friend, a twin named Lionne. This was necessary as a coping mechanism when her triplet sisters were cruel to her, taunted her and would not let her join in with their games. She so badly needed an ally, someone in her corner, someone to fight her battles. Years later, she falls in love with Greg and moves into his home with Lionne still ruling her and attempting to spoil things for her. It's not until Dionne meets Greg's dysfunctional daughters, Alanah and Georgia, that she identifies with their pain and finally understands that a life without Lionne seems to be the only way forward for her and her new family. This is a quirky, highly original story, full of laughs, twists and turns but also with real issues to be considered. Underlying all of this is an important message: empathy, understanding and love can heal the wounds of rejection. (JH)

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