Mistletoe In Manhattan - Talli Roland (2012)

Holly West is stuck with the Christmas season for life. Much to her displeasure she was born on Christmas and also has to put up with parents who run a Christmas-themed party planning business. Holly wants to spread her wings and do something larger than life. So when Holly is given a chance to organise a celebrity party for film star Dean, she says yes in a heartbeat and flies to Manhattan on the first available flight. Filled with confidence and excitement, Holly doesn't expect to be stuck with a snotty celebrity assistant who wants nothing but Holly's failure or that she has to seek the help of a totally gorgeous barman. This party is larger than what Holly ever imagined and suddenly she is responsible not just for the main event but also for an after-party which means that there is no way she'll be back home in time for Christmas. This novella is easy to read and is packed with a lot of snow, laugh-out-loud moments and warm feelings. It's so perfect to curl up with on the couch while sipping mulled wine! (SS)

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