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Hasta La Vista Lola! (2010)

In this second book of the Lola Cruz Mysteries, Lola (Dolores) Cruz is still going against the wishes of her Mexican parents who want her to be a nun, not a private investigator. Heading out on assignment she follows a woman to yoga class before capturing her on camera in a back alley trying out some interesting Kama Sutra moves with a lover. Back at the office, who should walk in but Jack, her hunky newspaper columnist friend who she wishes would take their relationship further. Just as things are looking promising on the romance front, she gets a hysterical phone call from her mother - Lola has just showed up on the news . . . dead. Being written off as dead puts a huge dent in Lola's social life, so she springs into action to not only solve who the real victim was but convince people she's not a ghost but truly alive and kicking. The story mixes elements of mystery, chick lit and romance, making this an enjoyable, laugh-out-loud read. (PP)

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