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From Essex To Chelsea With Love (2012)

If you were wondering what would happen if the cast of The Only Way is Essex hung out with the Made for Chelsea peeps, read on. Talli is a reluctant event planner in her mother's up-market business - she'd really prefer to be doing something connected to fitness. But after ruining a client's wedding, she gets lumbered with arranging her brother's Christmas wedding while her mother recuperates from cosmetic surgery. Meanwhile in Essex, the cast of Lovin' Essex are up to their usual tricks of feting publicity. Personal trainer Zac is not on the show but his high-maintenance girlfriend Kiki and sisters are. When the wedding brings Talli into Zac's orbit, they can't help their attraction to one another. Add in some secrets, a stalker and a wacky aunt and it all adds up to a fun, light-hearted story perfect for the reality TV lover.

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