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A Paris Apartment (2014)

April Vogt is at a turning point in her life but she doesn't even realise it completely until she is sent to Paris to value the furniture in an apartment that hasn't been touched in more than 70 years. Upon viewing the apartment with her colleagues, April is stunned to find the treasures that have been hidden for so long. This includes a painting by one of the most sought-after painters, Giovanni Boldini, among other high-grossing items. While the painting is a stunning find, April is more drawn to the diaries, written by the apartment's owner, Marthe de Florian, nearly a century before. The diaries tell the tale of a woman who wasn't born with much but sets out to take on the world and become something. April instantly falls in love with Marthe and her colourful humour and crazy escapades. But when her colleagues decide to auction off the items singularly instead of as a set of treasures, can April convince them there is so much more to the story than just the belongings - albeit amazing - of an old woman long gone? And can she keep her distance from the handsome attorney for the estate long enough to figure out her own marriage back home? Told from both April's view and the diary entries of Marthe, this debut novel is a keeper. It will definitely stay with you long after you finish the last page. (AS)

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