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@Home for the Holidays - Meredith Efken (2006)

Meet the SAHMS, they are a bunch of stay-at-home mothers. The group consists of Dulcie, Zelia, Jocelyn, Rosalyn, Veronica and the rest of the women of SAHM I Am. This novel is written completely in the format of an email forum. The SAHMS discuss topics ranging from Rosalyn's ordeals about whether organic nappies are better for her children and the woes of potty-training to Dulcie discussing her favourite books to read when she gets a break from reading children's picture books and Jocelyn preferring fast food and easy meals to spending long days slaving over an oven ("Who has time to cook when you have kids"). SAHM-to-be Zelia talks about doing a Madonna and adopting a baby from Ethiopia, while Brenna is going through her monthly ordeal of IVF. This is a fun read and designed for all those mothers out there who are SAHMS themselves. Many readers will be able to relate to a lot of the subjects discussed in the book in their own everyday lives. (PP)

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