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Here's to Friends (2011)

In the small town of Clifden, Oregon, four girls named Linda all ended up in the same class. Deciding to go by their middle names, they formed a club named The Four Lindas. Now four decades later, the four Lindas - Amy, Janie, Marley and Caroline - are still the best of friends. In this fourth and final book of the Lindas series, we discover that no matter what happens, good friends can get you through anything - from the small things such as joining a gym to the big things like helping each other through tough circumstances. Amy has started up a B&B with Janie's help, though she soon finds herself in over her head. Janie's drug addict daughter Lisa is back home - will this be a fleeting visit or is she ready to change? Marley has found the second love of her life, art gallery owner Jack, but when a new and younger employee arrives with Jack in her sight, has she lost her chance to tell him how she feels? Caroline has inherited her late mother's half-burnt house. Can she restore it to its original glory or will unhappy memories hinder her decision? This is an enchanting read embracing the true meaning of friendship. (PP)

As Young as We Feel (2010)

Back in school four best friends formed a club called "The Four Lindas" because they each had the middle name Linda. But when high school finished, they each went their separate ways. Now they are to be reunited at their 35th school reunion. Charlotte went on to become a Hollywood actress but it seems like she has reached the end of her stardom. Then there's Janie, a big-shot New York lawyer; Abby, the stay-at-home mum who spends most of her time between diets; and Marley, an art gallery owner who would rather be painting the pictures rather than selling them. When tragedy strikes, these four women must stick together and re-form the bond they lost so many years ago. Not only did Charlotte remind me of Samantha from Sex and the City, the story is what I would think of as Sex and the City 20 years on. The first book in the Linda series, this is a fun and enjoyable story that will have you laughing and tearing up in places - it's the ideal chick-lit novel for older women. (PP)

Homeward (1997)

Homeward takes us on a journey of forgiveness, family and friendships. Twenty years ago, Meg Lancaster left her hometown of Crandal after a huge fight at her Grandpa's funeral. Now Meg is returning home from San Francisco after a broken engagement to her boss' son Jerred. The return of the prodigal daughter means she can see her dying grandmother again and catch up with her mother whom she hasn't spoken to in 20 years and her sister Erin. As past hurts and regrets resurface, it seems that the only way Meg can find true happiness is to forgive past transgressions. When Meg visits her grandmother's home, memories of the cranberry fields her Grandad used to own and the fun times start to flow back. Is Meg's calling to re-ignite the cranberry fields of Crandal? And of course, it wouldn't be a story without a bit of romance as blast-from-the-past Matthew may turn out to be Meg's Mr Right. (PP)

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