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When Sparrows Fall (2011)

Miranda Hanford, a widow and mother to six children, has been living in fear that her children will be taken off her by social services. When the pastor of her church, Mason, faces allegations, he insists that God is calling him to move their church to another State and he persuades his flock to follow him like sheep. Miranda, though, has no intention of moving until Mason threatens to expose her secrets. Fate intervenes with Miranda finds herself in hospital after an accident and turns to the one person she can count on - her husband's half-brother Jack Hanford. When Jack arrives, it seems that the overly sheltered Hanford household is about to be turned upside down as his ways and viewpoints are the complete opposite of Miranda - he introduces the kids to Frosted Flakes, Dr Seuss and jeans. When Miranda recovers enough to return home, she begins questioning her religious views - can she finally break free? (PP)

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