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Chaperones (2013)

Andrea Lieberman's sheltered upbringing has left her afraid of her own shadow. So when she is offered an assignment as a photographer in England, Andrea decides it is time to see what life has to offer beyond the tiny world she has created for herself in Los Angeles. She heads to London armed with pepper spray and the question of whether or not to accept her boyfriend's proposal looming over her. Along with her two travel companions, Andrea makes her way through England photographing some of the country's most beautiful castles and cathedrals. As luck would have it though, nothing goes as planned and Andrea must cope with a series of disasters. Throughout the journey she develops a sense of self-reliance and discovers that she is capable of far more than she had ever expected. Chaperones is filled with witty dialogue and humorous comparisons between the British and American cultures, making it a very enjoyable read. (LB)

Tales from my Hard Drive (2010)

Melissa, a 40-year-old writer, has just found her husband Brett in a compromising position with another woman. She decides to leave him a note with divorce papers and hop on the first plane out of Los Angeles headed towards New York City. She ends up staying with an old friend, Wendy, who's married with three kids, and finds a job as a writer for Wendy encourages her to try internet dating and after her first "date" with a man who thinks it is funny to slam his head into his cappuccino just to get a reaction out of her, she decides to write to the New York Beacon newspaper chronicling her dating fiascos. Even though she thought she had "The One" before will Melissa be able to find her true love? This is a hilarious tale about internet dating and how absurd men can be on first dates! I look forward to more from this author. (CG)

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