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Vanity Fare (2012)

Molly Hagen needs a job fast. The husband who left her for a younger woman has just announced he is out of a job and all means of financial support for her and their son, Aiden, are about to come to a screeching halt. Luckily, an old friend offers her a freelance copywriting job for a new bakery, which seems to be just the ticket to help Molly get back on her feet. What she doesn't anticipate, however, is romantic complications with both Simon, the British pastry chef of the bakery, and his intense business partner, Nick. Vanity Fare is the heartwarming story of a woman finding her way back to herself and beginning to move forward with life on her own terms. While a bit predictable in spots, a couple of twists along the way help to keep the story fresh with a satisfying end. (LEK)

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