Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe - Jenny Colgan (2011)

When Issy Randall is made redundant from her job - by her boss who she has been having an affair with no less! - she decides to start over and embark on a career that will make her happy. The fact that she was given a very good sum of money as part of her redundancy package helps Issy to see her dreams come true in the form of The Cupcake Cafe. Issy has a true gift and that is to bake amazing cakes like no one else. Though the cafe is her dream, Issy finds it isn't an easy road. She needs to file endless paperwork, get up at the crack of dawn every single day and not take home much money for herself after she pays all her suppliers and staff. Despite all of that, Issy finds she is happier than she has been in ages. So, when her old boyfriend and former boss comes swinging back into her life and says he wants to rekindle their relationship, she jumps at the chance even though he treats her horribly. By going back to Graeme, is Issy setting herself up for heartbreak again - and maybe even the loss of her beloved cafe? This is a wonderful novel, filled with decadent cupcake recipes that might make you want to stop reading and start baking. If you have always wanted to follow your dreams but thought it was impossible, then maybe you can get some inspiration from the spirited, fun heroine of this lovely novel. (AS)

Ever dreamed of starting over? That's exactly what Jenny Colgan's heroine from her latest novel has to do. The summary of Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe says: "Issy Randall can bake. No, more than that - Issy can create stunning, mouth-wateringly divine cakes. After a childhood spent in her beloved Grampa Joe's bakery, she has undoubtedly inherited his talent. So when she's made redundant from her safe but dull City job, Issy decides to seize the moment and open up her own cafe. It should be a piece of cake, right? Wrong. As her friends point out, she has trouble remembering where she left her house keys, let alone trying to run her own business. But Issy is determined. Armed with recipes posted to her from Grampa, and with her local bank manager fighting her corner, Issy attempts to prove everyone wrong. Following your dreams is never easy and this is no exception. Can Issy do it?" Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe is out in April.

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