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The Starlet (2010)

When Juliette Greyson rescues starlet Mercy Talbot from jumping off a beautiful Italian fountain, much to the delight of the merciless paparazzi below, she should know that her long-awaited vacation will not go as planned. Juliette, head of public relations at the celebrity haven Pinnacle Hotel in LA (from the first book Oscar Season) knows Mercy has a drug problem and also knows that no matter where Mercy goes, drama is sure to follow. Knowing this, Juliette still decides to bring Mercy back to Cerreta, her private slice of Italian life, which she and her cousin Gabe inherited. When Mercy wakes up from her drugged stupor, she becomes somewhat attached to Juliette, but goes back to Siena where she is filming a movie - even though the lead actor Lloyd Watson is found dead under mysterious circumstances. After another near-death overdose, Mercy shows up at Cerreta once again, film crew in tow, wanting to relocate the movie from Siena to Cerreta where Mercy feels more at peace. But drama, drama and more drama ensues as Mercy's overbearing mother continues feeding her drugs; and LA's top rock star-turned-rehab guru shows up and starts pushing to buy Cerreta so he can expand his rehab business to Italy. All this while Juliette is still refusing to face up to her past. When part of her past follows her to Cerreta in the form on Michael O'Connor - the gorgeous movie star who Juliette almost had a fling with - she is forced to deal with her buried emotions and finally move on with her life. Fast paced and filled with lust, hidden agendas and cover-ups galore, this novel will keep you on your toes right until the explosive ending.

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