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Love is the Reason (2010)

Losing a lifetime of memories is most people's worst nightmare - but for Lucy and Danny Ardle, that nightmare becomes a reality when a fire obliterates their beautiful home and leaves Danny in a critical condition in hospital. The nightmare intensifies when the police deem the fire to be an arson case - and they believe they have reason to suspect Danny of starting the fire as an insurance scam. But neither the police nor Danny know that Lucy forgot to renew the house insurance premium and their home is uninsured. Trapped in a devastating situation that is becoming ever more unbearable, Lucy turns to her neighbour Carol Black for support, only to find that the wealthy Blacks are mired in problems of their own. Carol's husband, Eric, has done one dodgy property deal too many and is finally about to suffer the consequences - as Carol learns that Lucy won't be the only one to lose her house. Can Carol's family find a way to save themselves? And will the person behind the fire come to light, or will an innocent party have to shoulder the blame? A pervading sense of underlying menace is embedded through this book, causing the reader to question each and every character and their intentions. As the fast-paced narrative moves towards its well-crafted conclusion, you'll find the pages turning by themselves. This is a must-read for anyone who enjoys a plot-driven story with an inherent mystery to solve. (SBB)

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