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Love Is The Easy Bit (2013)

Sylvia Larkin feels disconnected from her husband JP, her daughter Kate, the world in general and herself. JP and Kate's loving relationship has always made Sylvia feel like an outsider and a failure. Her despair is compounded when a former lover comes back into her life, forcing her to confront the dream she never followed of nurturing a career as an artist, and the promising future she feels she never fulfilled. As the relationships in her life disintegrate further and Sylvia's teetering faith in herself falters more and more, an almost tragic event forces her to face the truth about who she was and who she is now. She realises she must embark on a journey to fix the family she's given up on - a journey in which the destination will remain unknown until she gets there. Love Is The Easy Bit explores the nature of motherhood in great detail and with compassion, and the author's writing style is lyrical, evocative and haunting. However, the in-depth exploration of the main character's psyche came, for me, at the expense of the plot's pacing. Nonetheless, the writing style pulled it back for me overall, and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for this talented author's next book. (SBB)

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