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The Mistress (2009)

On the night of her 30th birthday, Mandy's eyes are drawn to a man across the room. Despite finding out that Jake is married, she can't fight the attraction. As she wrestles with becoming a mistress, she faces the added moral dilemma of her sister being devastated by her own cheating husband. This employs many of the standard chick lit cliches - single girl (check); designer clothes (check); job in glamorous industry (event planning - check); gay friend (George - check). There's also lots of tears - pouring down cheeks, glistening in eyes, being blinked away - everyone was at it! In fact good old George summed it up perfectly: "Too many tears, too many tears." But by the time I reached the old standby, unexplained 'tummy bug for weeks', I couldn't stomach any more. For this debut novel of the Love Actually actress is pitiful actually. Anyone looking to argue chick lit is vacuous, here's your perfect text.

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