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Greek: Double Date (2010)

Casey agrees to go to an engineering awards dinner with her brother's geeky roommate, Dale, who couldn't get a date himself. Her only comfort lies in the fact that she has a hot date with Rob to the All Greek formal the next day. Only due to unforeseen food poisoning, the dates change and both events happen on the same night, making Casey chose between the two, or be forced to go on a double date. With Casey's ex Cappie never far from her mind either, she wonders just exactly who might capture her heart by the end of the night. Greek really is a guilty pleasure, if you like watching it on TV, then you'll probably like the book too. It's an easy read and is much like watching an episode. So much so that you get a bit disappointed at the ending, as of course, like a TV episode, it leaves it wide open for the next instalment. (AB)

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