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One Big Beautiful Thing (2013)

Artist Kate Abernethy has returned home after the death of her boyfriend, Robert, in an effort to grieve and figure out what's next for her. She has moved in with her mother and has taken a temporary job as the art teacher at a Catholic school, where she meets Aiden, the school's handyman. He piques her interest but also brings up feelings of guilt in Kate with regard to Robert and incidents from her past, including her relationship with her mother, that Kate realises need to be put to rest if she's going to move on. After a somewhat disjointed beginning, the story settles into the eventual point of the book, which is Kate's emotional journey of reconciling her past, being allowed the opportunity to pursue her passion as an artist, and moving on with her life, potentially with Aiden. One Big Beautiful Thing is a multi-layered, satisfying story that is hard to put down. (LEK)

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