Marianne Mancusi is the author of several timewarp and science fiction novels and has also worked as a TV news producer.

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News Blues (2008)

When Maddy Madison is offered an investigative producer spot on a new News 9 San Diego show, she is hoping it will take her one step closer to her dream job on Newsline - and away from puff pieces about Killer Cosmetics and Pudgy Pets. But first she has to become accustomed to working directly with anchor Terrance Toller who can't get enough of his face on screen and needs three hours notice of a shoot to prepare his hair and make-up. Things are also looking up when she is partnered with a cute new cameraman, Jamie, but she is disappointed to learn he comes with a fianc�e. During a handbag shopping spree over the border in Tijuana, Mexico, a stallholder tells her about a drug tunnel into the US and Maddy thinks she's on to the scoop of her life. But she doesn't realise how close the story will come to her own family - and what she'll have to risk to get it broadcast.

A Connecticut Fashionista in King Arthur's Court (2005)

Once upon a time there lived a fashion editor, Katherine Jones, who was nicknamed Kat. One Saturday she was sent in an Armani suit and Manolo Blahniks to the King Arthur's Faire to write a story on the emerging trend of medieval clothing in the 21st century. Entering the faire in a bad mood, she meets a gypsy who places a curse on her and she is transported back to the time of King Arthur, Queen Guenevere and the handsome knight Sir Lancelot. Things go from bad to worse as Kat has to act as a spy - though she decides to play it like a female version of James Bond with a hint of Buffy - and is captured. Can Kat use her 21st century skills in the town of Camelot or is she out of depth? An excellent modern take on the story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table with 21st century influences throughout. (PP)

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