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Dating Da Vinci (2008)

Since the passing of her husband two years ago, Ramona Elise, 36, hasn't been able to move on with life. The only things that provide her with the minimum joy she needs to get through this horrible mess are her two sons and passion for the English language. When she meets Leonardo da Vinci, a hot 25-year-old Italian immigrant who is a student in her ESL class, Ramona sees him as a remedy for her grief, and goes out of her way to help him - even to the extent of providing him a place to stay, in her own backyard. Ramona finds herself edging closer to Da Vinci, crossing the boundaries of age and love. It wasn't the mindblowing romantic tale I was expecting, or the haunting story of grief and misery, but a really fresh take on widowhood and family. The parts I enjoyed most were the musings of the main character, Ramona, on how grief changes her life, and how it isn't what people imagined it would be. (XT)

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