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The Day We Disappeared (2015)

After a tragic event in her childhood, Annie Mulholland has struggled to form trusting relationships with men but when Stephen Flint bursts into her life, she decides to throw caution to the wind. Kate Brady is running from her recent past and has found herself taking on a job as a trainee yard assistant at the equestrian yard of one of the most successful and imposing three-day eventers in the country, Mark Waverley - the only problem, she knows next to nothing about horses! But Kate desperately needs this fresh start, so she gets to work ... shovelling manure! This novel was not what I was expecting. Bang on trend it conceals a darker side that was really gripping and is held together by a wonderfully conceived and surprising plot device. Robinson handles the novel well and although the plot becomes quite tense it never gets overwhelming. And indeed despite the serious tenor of much of the novel, it still has lighter moments and the romance and emotion of contemporary women's fiction. Brilliant characters complete the line-up and all of the male characters in particular are convincing and magnetic - which validates Robinson's plot even more. (JC)

The Unfinished Symphony of You and Me (2014)

Sally is in love with opera and has been since she was a child but a family tragedy during her childhood makes her family want to shun all forms of attention, causing Sally to retreat to the safety of her wardrobe to sing instead of seeking out the spotlight. As she gets older, and gets a job with the Royal Opera as a wardrobe mistress, Sally finds watching others sing on stage more than enough. Her job is everything to her. When she is sent to New York for work, she meets Julian, a man who will change her life forever and by the end of the trip Sally needs to keep her promise to "seize the day". Can she actually step into the spotlight though, after all the years of closet-singing? Can she forgive the one person who destroyed her entire world? Written with Lucy Robinson's usual humour, this is a fun story of finding yourself and learning to stick up for what you believe in when people step on your toes. It's about going for your dreams even if others think they're silly. You'll definitely love Sally and you might love Julian too, a little bit at first but more as the story goes on. (AS)

A Passionate Love Affair With A Total Stranger (2013)

Lucy Robinson is back with her second book which is equally as funny and heart-warming as her first. Charley Lambert is a workaholic. She's most content when she is working and it doesn't hurt that her boss is her longtime love interest. So it's no surprise that Charley is devastated when she breaks her leg and must stay off work for a few months. What can someone who only knows how to work do when she can't work? Start a home-based business, of course! That's how she comes to start an online service helping those who don't know how to approach online dating but want to find love. Never in her wildest dreams does Charley expect to fall for one of her clients though. With work (and scheming colleagues), her blossoming business and her rather funny love life, Charley is a well-rounded character that you'll be rooting for until the end. Albeit, you might want to slap some sense into her at some points, but she's got to learn her lessons just like everyone else. If you're looking for a funny, romantic comedy to lift your spirits, this is the one for you. (AS)

The Greatest Love Story of All Time (2012)

Fran just knows that by the end of the night on her 30th birthday, her wonderful and talented boyfriend, Michael, is going to ask her to marry him. However, things don't go to plan and instead she finds herself in bed with a box of tissues and her cat, crying her eyes out for the foreseeable future because instead of getting engaged Fran has been dumped. Well, not technically "dumped" but instead told that she and Michael need a three-month break from each other. So after spending far too much time in bed crying over her lost love, Fran's friends decide it's time for her to start dating again. They propose the eight-date deal, which consists of Fran going on dates up until she meets Michael again in three months. She can meet the men in any way, but her wonderful friend, Stefania, thinks it's best if she starts online dating. In the meantime, Fran has taken to obsessively stalking a beautiful woman named Nellie and getting deeper and deeper into a hole of despair. Can Fran make it through eight dates -- some of which are so awful you'll want to shout at the men through the pages -- or will she only need one date to show her that Michael is still the man for her? With a hilarious cast of characters and some laugh-out-loud moments, this is a fun and escapist read. However, be aware that it's also rather crude in some parts. So if you like innocent, PG-rated novels, this one definitely isn't for you! (AS)

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