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Tiny Acts of Love (2014)

Cassie and Jonathan are ready for a new phase when baby Sophie arrives. They are slowly getting used to taking care of a baby, but Cassie especially finds herself dealing with all kinds of maternal anxieties. At the same time, she is trying to balance her work as a lawyer (which involves a slightly strange case at a funeral home) and being a mother (with her fellow Babycraft support group parents not making her feel any better about the way she is handling things). To make matters even more complicated, her ex-boyfriend Malkie shows up, wanting to get back together with her. Cassie is doing her very best to make everything go as smoothly as possible, but it turns out marriage and motherhood can both be quite a handful to deal with. One of the definite strengths of this novel is the group of well-written and realistic characters, particularly the heroine, Cassie, as she finds herself in situations that will be familiar and relatable to many readers. We are taken along on the emotional journey of marriage and parenthood, which includes laugh-out-loud situations and moving and emotional ones. I was curious to find out which decisions Cassie would make and what situation she would find herself in next. Tiny Acts of Love is a realistic, funny and moving novel that shows the rawness of marriage and parenthood and focuses on those moments we all have of doubting what things could have been like if we had made different decisions. A thoroughly enjoyable debut novel and I look forward to Lucy Lawrie's future work. (JoH)

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