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In Office Hours (2010)

Stella and Bella work for the same international energy company in London. Stella as head of the economics department is its most senior woman, while single mother Bella is a personal assistant. Bella is just about to get a new boss because her former one, a woman, has left the firm over an affair with a colleague. Bella not only ends up working for James, the married man involved in the affair, she also begins a fling with him. Meanwhile Stella, who is married to a documentary maker, is involved in secret liaisons with a junior and finds it difficult to keep her eye on her ever-increasing responsibilities. As the two affairs play out almost in tandem, the risks for both women mount. Kellaway, a Financial Times columnist, obviously has a good grasp on corporate life amid a market meltdown and presents a compelling story which will have you questioning why is it usually the women who take the fall when an illicit relationship is exposed.

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